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At acredo, we combine tradition and innovation with lasting value and a high standard of quality. Every detail of your jewelry reflects this.

We continue to further develop and enhance the acredo designer in order to be able to offer you no end of possibilities when you configure your jewelry. Our highly specialised IT team presses ahead with the technology in the interests of our customers.

We attach great importance to detailed and honest advice. Thus, we constantly provide training courses for our acredo partners and their employees to keep them up to date.

The acredo products are exclusively manufactured at efg Manufaktur, one of the world’s leading wedding ring and jewelry specialists in Pforzheim, Germany. Thanks to its uncompromising manufacturing quality, efg Manufaktur was the first wedding ring manufacturer to be awarded the quality certificate by the Schmucktechnologisches Institut at Hochschule Pforzheim (jewelry technological institute at the University of Pforzheim). The quality hails from the company’s 80 years of experience and tradition.

Profile Shapes with a Feel-Good Factor

Profile Shapes with a Feel-Good Factor

The profile refers to the cross section of the ring. There are straight profiles, lightly and heavily rounded profiles, profiles that are drawn in or a combination of these.

In order for your ring to be comfortable, it is important that the inside, outside and sides perfectly merge with each other.

Our graduate designers deal with this mathematically complex issue. We aim to develop utterly harmonious, sometimes unusual shapes that simply feel good when worn every day.

It is best if you find out for yourself by experiencing the touch and feel of the profile shapes in the different widths at our acredo partner stores.

Our Alloys

The acredo production works with the best-in-class principle. To do this, we mix and melt over 30 precious metals ourselves.

The casting is an impressive place where the individual components of each alloy are melted under intense heat. Our casters are not only passionate, they are also innovative.

At acredo the range of alloys goes from gold over palladium to platinum. Our newest addition is the valuable platinum gold.

We mix yellow, white, grey, rose, red and green gold. We have patents for some of these alloys.

Platinum gold has an extremely white color and a total of 97.3% precious metal; it is therefore even purer than platinum 950/-. This reduces the risk of allergies to virtually none.

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Vickers Hardness

As rings are subject to immense wear and tear, our manufacturing process includes a special hardening process. The hardness of the ring shank is given in Vickers (VH) according to a method developed by Vickers Ltd. in 1925 for the aircraft industry. The hardness measurement is determined by pressure point load. The hardness of uni-colored rings is generally somewhat higher than of multi-colored rings; acredo alloys are between 180 and 270 HV. These are above-average values. For you, this means that you rings are more resistant. However, despite our increased hardness we unfortunately cannot hinder or avoid signs of wear under heavy strain.


The Magic of Diamonds

We love diamonds. Therefore, we pay utmost attention to the king of all precious stones.

Diamonds are traded internationally. We select the best stones from this offering for your jewelry. Each stone is inspected closely when they arrive at the factory and during quality control. This is a mammoth task considering the hundreds of thousands of diamonds processed each year.

Only finest white or fine white diamond colors are bought by acredo. We only admit diamonds that have small, very small or no visible inclusions under 10x magnification (clarity). This means, we work in the top diamond segment at extremely favourable value for money.

All diamonds from 0.3 ct come with a certificate. And because certificates are not always of equal value, we protect you and ourselves by only using expertise from the internationally renowned testing institutes GIA, IGI and HRD.

Our cut is even more uncompromising, because an excellent cut is needed for the diamond’s sparkle. At acredo, the best diamonds from 0.3 ct show Hearts & Arrows. Only 1% of the brilliant-cut diamonds have this effect, which stands for absolute perfection.

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Committed to Sustainability

egf Manufaktur and thus acredo places emphasis on uncompromising quality and is committed to sustainability. egf Manufaktur has been a member of RJC since 2017. Furthermore, it fulfills the RJC Chain of Custody standard - a non-mandatory standard for members.

Ensure your prosperous future together begins with a good feeling.

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Made in Germany with Love

Made in Germany with Love

Many hands pay utmost attention to a piece of jewelry during its creation. Specialists are needed for every step: from casting, over turning the rings, the goldsmith and setting as well as polishing and finishing.

Pforzheim has been the home of the jewelry and watch-making industry in Germany since Margrave Friedrich von Baden founded the industry in 1767. Due to the proximity to the goldsmith and watch-maker’s academy, Pforzheim has both craftsmen and technical and design-oriented specialists that work on your pieces of jewelry with utmost attention to detail.

This combination of craftsmanship and high-tech allows us to be extremely efficient, the advantage of which we pass on to you in our attractive prices.

At acredo, Made in Germany means: Reliability, design and high quality.

Elegant and Exclusive

Jewelry is always linked to unforgettable moments. Imagine how the case opens and you see your wedding rings for the first time. The engagement ring elicits not only delight but also the long-desired “I do”.

Every acredo product comes in an elegant case to give this very moment a dignified and exclusive frame.

Golden and beige tones surround the piece of jewelry, while giving it the centre stage.

As a special service and for safekeeping, you will also be presented with a small bag for your wedding ring. The enclosed certificate provides you with important advice on jewelry care.