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Growing Eternity Rings with 1 - 7 Diamonds

Each stone a memory of a special moment. Let the number of diamonds of your eternity ring grow with each wonderful moment.

For your growing eternity ring, choose the type of setting, as well as the number of diamonds, their size and quality.

Choose your favourite design and create your absolutely personal eternity ring with a growing number of stones.

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Growing Eternity Rings by acredo

Diary of a different kind

No other piece of jewelry serves better as a symbol of shared love and the beginning of a new phase in life than a growing eternity ring from acredo. The stone setting of a eternity ring grows piece by piece to cherish the beautiful moments and milestones in life. Each diamond represents an unforgettable moment in your life together – wedding, moving into your own home, children or wedding anniversaries. Growing eternity rings let you write the history of your own love, which you can now carry with you day in and day out.

Lend your eternity rings a unique character

Growing eternity rings let you cherish memories in a special way: they emphasise the different facets of your personal love story, as varied as the different phases in married life and as emotional as a romantic work of fiction. The design of the eternity ring is in your hands: you experience and decide which moments you want to hold on to in the form of a diamond.The alloy, stone setting, type of diamond cut and setting can be configured freely. Your eternity ring will thus embody your unique love story with an expressive design and special character.

As colorful as life itself: a growing eternity ringThere is a wide range of sparkling colors for you to choose from for the diamonds in the diamond band of your growing eternity rings. Sky blue, apple green, cherry red or many others - you can design your growing eternity rings in your favourite color. What’s more, you can choose a different colored diamond for each moment of your love. That makes your eternity ring and the screenplay behind it even more exciting for your children and grandchildren. With its emotional elements, personal facets and fabulous colors, the growing eternity ring is a very special kind of diary.