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Cool Style

Cool engagement rings and wedding rings are characterized by a clear design. They are statements of love that are also allowed to be a little wider.

The top precious metals for cool rings are white gold, grey gold and platinum. The silver-colored look is often combined with black diamonds and carbon or worn pure.

The design is built on straight or slightly curved profile shapes without any frills and that is exactly why it has the cool effect that our bridal couples are looking for.

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Cool Wedding Rings - True Statements with clear Design

A cool style wedding is the opposite of a princess wedding. Both for the wedding outfit and the wedding rings, the cool bride and groom prefer simple, expressive shapes with a clear line. Instead of playful ornaments and classic gold, monochrome shiny silver colored alloys, minimalist designs and symmetrical shapes are desired. What's cool, even with wedding rings, is what's clean and follows a clear line.

Cool wedding rings are clear

True to the motto "less is more", the cool ring type focuses on a clear message, which it expresses through wide ring bands in high-quality white gold or fine platinum and a clearly arranged stone setting.

Cool wedding rings are self-confident

The cool bride and groom set a clearly visible and at the same time valuable symbol of their intimate bond with their wedding rings. Fascinatingly self-confident, they live up to their high expectations through simple designs with stylish accents and exquisite diamonds.

Cool combination

Wedding rings made of white gold, platinum or palladium become particularly unique when combined with a precious stone. Hardly any precious metal can be combined with diamonds as well as a white alloy. If a brilliant-cut diamond on the outside of the ring is too conspicuous, it is also possible to set it in the ring band for a personal engraving. Make a true statement of love with our Style Cool wedding rings - discover our popular cool collection!

Cool engagement rings

The cool wedding rings also harmonise perfectly in combination with an engagement ring, a simple tension ring, solitaire or eternity ring.
Engagement rings with a tension setting exude an indescribable lightness and elegance make a ring set complete. A jewelry addition works wonderfully with simple necklaces and diamond stud earrings.