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0.7 Carat Engagement Rings

An engagement ring with 0.7 ct is wisely chosen. It convinces with a beautiful stone size and great proportions.

A 0.7 carat engagement ring makes a statement when worn alone on the finger. Together with your wedding band or eternity ring, your 0.7 carat makes an excellent eye-catcher.

The quality is always outstanding. Each 0.7 ct engagement ring has an international certificate of excellence. Your personal token of love.

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0.7 ct Engagement Rings - an exclusive Alternative to the Classics

Stand out from the crowd with the 0.7ct engagement ring: Diamonds 0.7ct are not the standard among engagement rings and are a wonderful alternative to the classics half carat and single carat. Engagement rings with 0.7 carats are already an expression of luxury due to the higher weight and size of the centre stone. Elegant and not too ostentatious, the 0.7 carat engagement ring can be worn alongside simpler wedding rings for optimal everyday wear. Engagement rings 0.7 carat show off your unique love and do not impose themselves at all.

Design your own 0.7 carat engagement ring

Make your dream of a 0.7 carat engagement ring come true and create your personal favorite piece of jewelry in no time at all. Whether as a surprise for your beloved or together - with the acredo configurator, choosing the perfect engagement rings with 0.7 ct is fun and allows individual ideas to flow in. Choose your favourite 0.7 ct engagement ring model from one of our collections and specify the colour and alloy.

Our tip: For the 0.7 carat engagement ring, you should opt for a high-quality alloy in gold tones or platinum. This will emphasize the value of your 0.7ct diamond. Engagement rings 0.7 carat are suitable for any type of setting and cut. The classic brilliant cut makes the 0.7 carat particularly sparkle, while the heart shape is a symbol of your love - let yourself be inspired.

We love 0.7 ct engagement rings, too.

0.7 ct engagement rings have top international certificate at acredo. This guarantees the exclusivity and value of your 0.7 carat diamond ring. In our manufactory, we pay great attention to the high-quality workmanship of your precious 0.7 ct engagement ring - our designers, goldsmiths and employees in the consultation centers work on the creation of your 0.7 ct engagement ring with much love and passion.